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Wind Turbine Hydraulics

Hydraulic systems are a critical component of wind turbine technology, controlling the movement of turbine blades and optimising the angle of attack to generate maximum power. They also regulate the speed of the turbine by adjusting the blade angle and control the yaw and pitch mechanisms to keep the rotor facing into the wind.

Hydraulic systems have a significant role in the broader energy sector, too. In hydroelectric power plants, they are used to control the flow of water through turbines and adjust generator output. In solar power plants, they control the movement of mirrors or lenses that focus sunlight onto solar panels.

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Wind Turbines

Wind and Energy Sector

Hydraulics have multiple uses in constructing and maintaining turbines within the wind and energy sector. Hydraulic cranes lift and install the heavy turbine components, while hydraulic jacks position and level the tower during installation. These systems control the nacelle’s movement, which houses the generator and other vital turbine components.

In the transmission and distribution of electricity, hydraulic systems play a crucial role. They control the movement of circuit breakers and disconnect switches, which isolate faulty equipment or redirect power flows in case of outages. Additionally, they control the movement of high-voltage power lines during maintenance or repair operations.

Overall, hydraulics plays a critical role in the wind and energy sector, providing the power and control necessary to generate and distribute electricity from renewable sources.

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