Hydraulic Vane Pumps

HD Series

Our HD series, available as single or double pumps and suitable for mobile hydraulic systems like garbage trucks and kippers, offers displacements from 10.8 cc/rev up to 200 cc/rev, working pressure up to 275 bar and speed range up to 2800 rpm. HQ series is available with ISO 14 flange and SAE ports.

  • From 16 to 150 l/min (4 to 40 gpm) at 1500 rpm and 0 bar

Why B&C?

We stock B&C vane pumps because of their reliability and durability. B&C Hydraulics was founded in 1990 and has since been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing hydraulic parts – including vane and gear pumps. They’ve got over 30 years of knowledge and expertise, which goes a long way when they’re producing their products – here at Antech, we only stock the best and we wholeheartedly believe that B&C pumps will do the perfect job for you. Located in Florence, you’re receiving the highest quality Italian hydraulics! Antech is a UK distributor of B&C products.