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Stretch Former

Our customer required a new workstation design, manufacturing, and installation to replace their original one in situ, with our expertise in Burnley hydraulics engineering. It was a little old and in need of an overhaul. All the valves and parts supplied on the original HPU are obsolete, making them unrepairable in future.

Working with our customer, Antech attended the site to watch the existing machine operationally to ensure that all the processes/activities were accommodated for and included in the new design.

The Process

Using top-of-the-range hydraulic components, Antech were able to design a new hydraulic power unit to replace the existing one. Supplying the technical specifications, mode of operation and full design to the customer, it was signed off, and we got to work producing the HPU.

The Hydraulic Power Unit is comprised of a fabricated carbon steel reservoir – 500 litres capacity to include a visual level sight glass and drain plug. 22 kW 415V/3ph/50Hz, IP55 Electric motor, coupled to a tandem pump system. Antech supplied a Rexroth variable piston pump circa 100lpm and one auxiliary pump circa 30 lpm.

All safety relief valves and circuitry of an electrical nature facilitated an output flow and functional control. Low oil levels with safety shutdown and high temperature alarms were also fitted. The filtration consisted of a pressure line filter to each pump unit fitted with a 7micron filter element. A tank top-mounted filter assembly fitted with a 21 Micron filter element was supplied along with a water/oil cooler. A desiccant breather filtered air and moisture.

Our Solution

After the installation and commissioning of the HPU, the customer was extremely happy with the overall product and has since placed a further order to design the next hydraulic power unit in their upgrade program. We continue to expand our relationship with them and look forward to more successful projects in the future.

Stretch Former
Stretch Former
Stretch Former
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