Hydraulic Motors

HPC Series

The enhanced variable displacement HPC models include special low friction components, combined with crankcase flushing flow, to achieve increased shaft power. It is used around the world in marine and offshore winch applications and is known for its efficiency and reliability.

Main Features:

  • 1,344 to 6,555cc displacements in 6 frame sizes
  • 250 bar continuous pressure rating
  • Dynamic displacement change
  • Freewheel option available
  • Constant horsepower control option
  • Bearing Life:

    Consideration should be given to the required motor bearing life in terms of bearing service life. The factors that will determine these include:

    • Duty cycle – Time spent on and off load
    • Speed
    • Differential Pressure
    • Fluid Viscosity, type, cleanliness and temperature
    • External radial shaft load
    • External axial shaft load

Various features and options are available -

  • Capacities from 50 to 6800 cc per rev
  • Fixed, dual or quad displacement
  • Up to 250 bar max continuous pressure
  • Output to 25000 Nm. Continuous power up to 430kW
  • Unique hydrostatic balancing provides minimum wear and extended life
  • High volumetric and mechanical efficiency
  • Large variety of shaft and porting options
  • On dual / quad displacement motors, the pre-set displacements can be selected with ease when the motor is running including a freewheel option
  • Also available in a continuously variable version using either hydro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic control methods
  • Highly accurate electronic positional and velocity control systems available
  • Digital Smart Motor’ with integral fully submersible shaft torque sensor system can be used for winch tensioning systems up to a motor shaft torque of 25000 Nm
  • Fixed, dual or quad displacement