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Hydraulic Marine Design UK

This customer required Deployment by wire/davit of a clump weight to the seabed. PLC Controls were introduced to provide accurate data feedback. We designed and implemented the electrical and hydraulic units

Application Details:

Deployment by wire / davit of a clump weight to the seabed in up to 500 metres of water using hydraulic power and subsequently maintaining a 600kgs tight line in sea states of up to 2.0 metres/sec movement. PLC controls were introduced to provide accurate data feedback of depth and line tension as a development from the original non-PLC system.

Antech UK Activity:

Antech Hydraulics designed and built the electrical and hydraulic units. The power pack provides oil to a combined winch & davit assembly. Constant tension is measured from a load cell in the Davit arm and the feedback loop of the PLC / pump output regulates pressure / flow according to sea state and boat movement. The high speed of the winch means the system is extremely responsive.

Hydraulic Marine Design UK
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